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Domenic Fusca

August 25 @ 5:00 pm 7:00 pm

Domenic packed his bags…
And with guitar in hand, left what he knew to settle in a place he had only visited for a weekend. Trying to make a spiritual connection… the words were just as important as the music. Bare-bones with a slide guitar and his left foot to the wood, singing about his journey and experiences, Domenic found his true voice in New Orleans. 

Performing in local bars & clubs combining styles of Americana, Blues, Country, Folk & Rock n Roll music. He has featured soundtracks on films such as The King of New Orleans, Rockabilly Zombie Weekend and Salt Dreams.

Domenic’s musical journey continues as he’s recently returned back to his hometown of Pittsburgh, PA.  Stay Tuned!

6018 Broad Street in East Liberty
Pittsburgh, PA 15206 United States